Fine Art Documentation



The Visual Arts Division at Columbia University documents the MFA Thesis Exhibition each year with general images of student work. Documentation in further detail can be set up with Fine Art Documentation by email ( or phone (845-809-5167). Student shoots will occur on Mondays or Wednesdays through May, by appointment. Rates and addtional details ar below. 


The following rates are discounted for MFA Students documenting works within Thesis shows:


Project minimum is $100, (not including sales tax).

Standard 2D:

$25 each image (discounted by 30% from $35)

Standard 3D:

$50 each image (discounted by 50% from $100)


 All images are delivered as:

 pristine jpegs, full files size, 300 ppi, sRGB, 12 quality

 800 pixel (longest dimension) email file, 72 ppi, sRGB, 12 quality


To inquire further, or set up a shoot:

Email ( or call the studio (845-809-5167).


Why do art careers NEED great image files?    Read on in "Why Fine Art Documentation"...



Steven Bates

Fine Art Documentation